Sated Fan – Fran’s Review

Hungry Ghosts is just about what I expected from OK Go’s fourth album. This is a solid pop-rock record with a few moments of flair.

The fractured sound of opening track Upside Down and Inside Out is a great match for the album art, and establishes the style of the rest of the record. Hungry Ghosts is less rocky than OK Go’s previous output, drawing extensively on electronic genres. The dubstep-inspired synths on Another Set Of Issues and The Great Fire are an interesting new sound from the band, while the equally synth-heavy opening to Bright as Your Eyes is reminiscent of the last album’s WTF. 

Fans of the older style needn’t worry – this record still has plenty of classic OK Go pop-rock, with their guitar-based roots coming through on tracks Obsession and The One Moment. However the album definitely has a lower concentration of jump-around-the-kitchen-dancing tracks compared to previous offerings. Maybe the band are just tired from all the dog dancing!


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