King of the Jungle – Dave’s Review

Like the computer game Grand Theft Auto Vice City (a gangster game set in 1980’s art deco Miami), Jungle’s self-titled debut album begins with a swagger of sunshine, police sirens and vintage confidence. Put that together with a roller skate dancing video and the crazy artwork below and in The Heat you have one of the coolest songs of the year.

jungle - the heat

The band have created a unique stylish blend of soul, funk and chilled out disco, with a falsetto voice not heard since the Bee Gees. There are plenty of highlights on the album – the trumpet fanfare of Busy Earning;  the Wild West interlude of Smoking Pixels; the crashing chorus of Julia – but the album works best as a whole and is consistently strong throughout.

Perhaps two songs that may go unnoticed, hidden away towards the end of the album, are Son Of A Gun and Lemonade Lake. Both more laid-back than some of the earlier songs, Son Of A Gun builds with a simmering bass line at its middle into a sharp and satisfying climax. Lemonade Lake meanwhile sails gently into the sunset, closing the album with a shimmer of keyboards, handclaps and bubbles.


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