No bungle – Fran’s Review

Jungle’s self-titled debut album is a 70s extravaganza. Filled with soulful falsetto and punctuated with unusual percussion, this record is polished and cool – just like their music videos.

Top tracks on the album include singles Busy Earnin’  and Platoon, but the first two thirds of the album are consistently good, with both funkier and slower tracks maintaining a smooth groove throughout. The closing three or four songs are weaker than the rest of the record, but even then, details like the synth opening on Lucky I Got What I Want showcase Jungle’s knack for combining newer musical elements with classic soul sounds. This mixture of styles creates a wonderfully laid back album, which even makes up for the strange sponsorship deal they seem to have going on with Adidas, which has resulted in some pretty weird tracksuit-blazer combinations in their videos!


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2 Responses to No bungle – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    Hadn’t spotted the adidas thing until you pointed it out, but it’s everywhere! They’re all over the Amazon Fire adverts too.

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