Like A Prayer – Dave’s Review

As pop albums often do, Madonna’s 1989 album Like A Prayer begins with its big hit single of the same name. Dark, ghostly verses switch between choruses of bassy funk before the song dissipates into a gospel choir singalong. The other hit single from the record follows with the funky, upbeat Express Yourself, urging women to never settle for second best, express themselves and go after what they want – my highlight of the record.

Unfortunately, as pop albums often do, once the big singles are out the way, the album fails to reach the same standards. Several of the songs on the remainder of the album are slower and more melancholy, with the piano based Promise To Try the strongest of these. In contrast to this is Dear Jessie, whose super-sweet lyrics include ‘ride the rainbow to the other side… pink elephants and lemonade… candy kisses and a sunny day.’


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