It’s OK with me – Fran’s Review

So I’ll keep this short, because I have a feeling Dave won’t! I really enjoyed listening to OK Computer this fortnight. It’s an incredibly bleak album, full of disillusionment, but it is beautifully done.

My favourite part of the record is the transition from the atmospheric and slightly terrifying Climbing Up the Walls into the calm embrace of No Surprises. The change from the wailing guitars (and wailing) of Climbing Up the Walls into the beautiful lullaby of the following track is almost enough to divert you from the continuation of the ominous themes, although the peaceful oblivion of carbon-monoxide poisoning is not quite as grim as having your head caved in with a pickaxe!

I wouldn’t say the experience of listening to this album has changed my perception of Radiohead’s output as a pretty depressing body of work. There is, however, a lot to like in the introspective lyrics and layered guitars. And there are some upbeat moments – penultimate track Lucky has an optimistic slant, and opener Airbag is positively buoyant by Radiohead standards!


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One Response to It’s OK with me – Fran’s Review

  1. Dave says:

    5 stars! :O

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