Violently Happy – Fran’s Review

Björk’s second album Debut is a weird and wonderful slice of the 90s. Rocketing between styles, the album is loud and quiet, fast and slow, modern and classical.  I didn’t understand at first why Dave classified this as Alternative Dance when much of it is very slow paced and gentle (see Like Someone In Love), but tracks like the club-set There’s More To Life Than This, and the manically upbeat Violently Happy go some way to explain it.

Despite the wide variety of styles, the album has a unifying airy feel throughout. This can be attributed to Björk’s light-touch vocals, which generally float fairly delicately over the music (bar the occasional shriek!). The singing has a distinct girlish sound, which is perhaps most noticeable in the almost a capella parts of There’s More To Life Than This. It is an unusual style that comes into its own in One Day, perfectly complimenting the optimistic innocence of the lyrics.

This fortnight (!) has been a great contrast to the Musical Adventure’s more sombre turn of late. Debut is both lyrically and musically uplifting, with some glorious electronic experimentation.


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