The New Wave – Dave’s Review

Opening track, Daftendirekt gives a good flavour of what’s to come from Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework. Repeated beats, the layered structure of the song with clicks, percussion and riffs floating in an out, and the whole way through you can’t help but move your feet.

People will point to the huge hit singles Around the World and Da Funk as the album’s highlights, with their incredibly catchy bass lines. But for me the third track, Revolution 909, is the peak. A heartbeat-like beat drives the song along, while the other elements of the song come and go in waves, each layering over the previous one, which subtly fades back out. Phoenix is another great track that has a very danceable beat, meanwhile the following track, Fresh, offers a pleasant moment of calm to the record.

The second half of the album feels less accessible than the first, with longer songs, often instrumental, focussing around harder beats and the build up of scratchier, more abrasive sounds.


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