Fran wanted to learn more about popular music, and so did Dave. Using his impressive list-making skills and encyclopedic knowledge (or the internet), Dave painstakingly compiled the mother of all graphic-based category webs, the Music Tree. Each point on the tree represents a musical genre, complete with an album to represent it and its links with other genres.

Armed with this map of beauty, Fran and Dave began their quest for knowledge. The challenge: to listen to the albums in chronological order, one album a week, beginning each Monday and posting a review here every Sunday. This is not a quest for the faint-hearted. Explorers attempting to negotiate all 64 branches of the Music Tree will encounter 62 albums, and determined pioneers will sacrifice over a year to the task; but is any price to high to pay for the gift of music?

You may question the accuracy of the tree; you may object to the omission of the King himself, or the implication that folk music began in the 60s, but however doubting you may be, you are invited to join this musical adventure. Listen to the albums, comment and review, and help Fran and Dave on their way to aural enlightenment.


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