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The New Wave – Dave’s Review

Opening track, Daftendirekt gives a good flavour of what’s to come from Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework. Repeated beats, the layered structure of the song with clicks, percussion and riffs floating in an out, and the whole way through you can’t help … Continue reading

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Back to School

After a long break, we’re turning our record players, iPods and boomboxes back on! For the next week and half we will be listening to Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework. The French duo are famous for their live shows, their … Continue reading

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Glistening under a Sea of Blue – Dave’s Review

Joni Mitchell’s 1971 album Blue is a calm, acoustic, heartfelt record. It’s easy to drift away with the music and Joni’s delicate voice, but if you dig into the lyrics, the album begins to flourish. Opener All I Want is an open-hearted, … Continue reading

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Consistently Varied Debut – Dave’s Review

Björk’s Debut is a varied album, full of character, mixing elements of classic house and trip hop with more mellow pop, featuring a range of brass, percussion, strings, and electronic instrumentation. Percussion plays a key role in many of the … Continue reading

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Alternative Dance

To follow last fortnight’s Alternative Rock album, I thought it would be good to explore a genre I may have missed from the music tree, Alternative Dance. For the next fortnight we’ll be listening to Björk’s 1993 album, Debut. Iceland’s most … Continue reading

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OK Computer – Dave’s Review

In a time when offices were still getting to grips with Windows 95, Radiohead were depicting the lonely, paranoid, depressing digital world we were about to enter. Throw in some deceitful politicians, traffic jams, and alien abduction, as we explore the … Continue reading

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The Cure for a Broken Heart – Dave’s Review

During the fortnight my girlfriend dumped me, it’s perhaps appropriate that we’ve been listening to the greatest breakup album ever, Disintegration by The Cure. Plainsong Opener Plainsong is anything but a plain song. Huge crashes and shimmers create a grand, bold start … Continue reading

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